SPC #027-Out of the Nest, Part II

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This episode chronicles my return flight to Chandler from Tucson international, and is the second part of my first solo cross-country flight during my training.  There’s some interesting things that happen, and another bonehead move on my part with the radio.  Please enjoy this flight as I learn to fly in front of the world.

The route home was only slightly different than when I went to Tucson.  I needed to do a touch and go at Ryan Field down in Tucson, so that changed the route slightly.  Here is the return.



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2 thoughts on “SPC #027-Out of the Nest, Part II

  1. Fox Cutter

    Great show, I really do like listening to your flights. Funny, I was getting into the show enough that when they advised you of traffic I started looking out of habit. 🙂

    I can’t say when I’ll be doing my cross country flights, but I had my solo in the practice area last weekend, that was a lot of fun. 🙂 I really should do an LJ post about that.

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