SPC #026-Out of the Nest, Part I

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Today’s episode is a very special one as we’ll cover my first solo cross country.  It was a simple flight from Chandler to Tucson International, but a giant step for me in my training.  Join me as a learn to fly in front of the world in podcast episode 26 of the Student Pilot Cast, Out of the Nest, Part I.

I’ve included a couple of pictures.  First is the route I took on this leg from Chandler (KCHD) to Tucson (KTUS).

Course Map

[Cross Country Route, Courtesy of Navmonster.com]

The next photo is of Pinal Airpark and all of the mothballed airplanes.

Pinal County Airport, where many airplanes get parked for extended periods.

[Pinal Airpark From Above-Showing some of the big iron]

As usual, I hope you enjoy this episode.  Please send me feedback through email or via the contact link above.  Also, feel free to leave comments below.  My training was getting hot and heavy now…I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Tailwinds.

3 thoughts on “SPC #026-Out of the Nest, Part I

  1. Dan Smith

    Dear Bill;

    Your journal is an exciting addition to flight training. As a CFI and Designated Pilot Examiner, I have created a free website that can help you study and learn techniques that make it easy to perform the maneuvers required for all levels of checkrides.

    I used to work at Pinal Airpark and enjoyed it very much.

    Enjoyed viewing your website.

    You may be interested in our free website recently launched.



    Dan Smith

  2. Tom Maier

    I’ve been listening to your podcast over the last few months and enjoy it very much. Particularly the inflight audio when you are talking to ATC. I am a 100 hr private pilot who hasn’t ventured onto a controlled field very often since my training. Listening to your broadcast is like a refresher course. While listening to the podcast, sometimes I will try to follow your route in Google Earth on my home PC. I can adjust the altitude to match what you are flying and see the same ground features you are seeing from Two-Two-Tango. I don’t know how technical you are, and I’ve never tried this myself, but if you could add a gps logger file from a handheld gps to your website, this file could be downloaded to Google Earth and I could follow your course exactly as you had flown it. Just a thought. I appreciate how much time and energy you have put into the website and podcasts. They are excellant and anyone thinking about learning to fly, or someone currently learning, or even someone like me who needs a refresher is benefitting greatly from what you are doing. Thank you so much.

  3. Bill Williams

    Thanks for the comments, Tom. I’m glad the audio is helping to refresh your radio memory. 🙂 I do have a GPS unit, but it is a model that does not produce log files of flight track, unfortunately. Also, I didn’t have it when I was training, so it’s a moot point anyway. It’s a great idea, though, and I have thought of doing something like this…but I’ll need different equipment. I’ve followed others who have done this, and its pretty cool to be able to see their flight path.

    Thanks again for the comments…its what keeps me going. Talk to you soon.

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