SPC #022-Crossing the Country, Part 1

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Hello again, everyone.  I’m back with episode 22 about my first dual cross country flight during my primary training.  It was fantastic as I hope you’ll be able to tell from this episode.  I went from KCHD to KTUS, or Tucson International.

I also mentioned Scenario Based Training in this episode as well.  Linked here is an ASA book on the subject.

Finally, Picacho Peak is used as landmark in this episode.  I wanted to include a picture I took of it during one of my flights…it is quite spectacular (and this picture does not do it justice).

Picacho Peak again.

I hope you all enjoy the episode.  Please leave feedback for me.

3 thoughts on “SPC #022-Crossing the Country, Part 1

  1. sheamus ohalloran

    Congratulations on your first cross country. Really felt like we were there in the cockpit with you landing on that runway with the f-16 holding.

    great stuff, keep it coming

  2. Fox Cutter

    Great show this time. Very interesting and descriptive (I was able to follow your over all path on skyvector/google maps). The audio is really good as well, I can hardly hear the engine noise.

    It sounds like it was a fun flight, I think it was fun that the F-16 was just waiting there for you. The whole trip sounds like an adventure and a good learning experience.

    I can’t wait for the second part.

    (Oh, and added you on Twitter).

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