SPC #021-Good Freakin’ Flight

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I’m back SPC listeners!  I’ve had no time to produce new episodes for a while, but I forced myself tonight…and put off some other stuff.  So what we have is another training episode, Episode 21, “Good Freakin’ Flight”.  This is a solo flight that I took after returning from my Dive trip, and this was the next flight in my training after the night flight that was covered in episodes 19 and 20.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and I’ll try to be more consistant with the releases going forward.  Please give me feedback as always.  Also, I’m working on a couple of videos, including the video from the flight covered in this episode as well as a tutorial on how to record in cockpit audio, as this is my most frequently asked question from listeners.  This is in addition to a start that I’ve got on the next audio episode as well.

As usual, for up to date information on flights, feel free to follow me on twitter.  Thanks again, everyone.  Get out there and fly!

One thought on “SPC #021-Good Freakin’ Flight

  1. Eriik

    Love ur podcast. This sure will help when obtain me certs. Im new to full scale aviation. Can’t wait! Thanks and continue this great work.

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