SPC #014-Stage II, That’s Who!

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Episode 14 is here!  Today we’ll follow a dual lesson that I had to prep for the Stage II Stage Check.  Now that I had been introduced to shorts and softs, and had some time to practice, it was time to finish stage II.  Before I could do this stage check, though, I had to prep with my instructor.  That’s what this lesson and episode is about.  We practiced steep turns, minimum controllable airspeed, power on and power off stalls, emergency procedures, and a couple more short and soft landings.

Thanks for listening.  I hope you enjoy episode 14.

One thought on “SPC #014-Stage II, That’s Who!

  1. CFIPilot

    I am very impressed with the way you worked through the emergency procedures on this flight. Few students run through flow checks and procedures that well and it takes most quite a while to figure out the power off approach without flying right over the intended field. It sounds like you are a natural and highly competent pilot.

    Thanks for the excellent content! I greatly enjoy the cockpit audio and I really want to start doing that during my flights.

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