SPC #007-Alone Again

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Another episode.  This week I get to finish up recounting the story of my first solo, and then the very next day, my second solo.  There was a lot of good experience to be had, and I try to sum it up in this episode.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any suggestions for the audio cast.  I’m hoping to get some video up soon, but I’m experimenting with the capture of video.  Well see how it all works out.

4 thoughts on “SPC #007-Alone Again

  1. Matt Birmingham

    Hey, a real shout-out on podcast #7!

    Bravo to you, Bill for following your dream! Also, good thinking to end the training when you weren’t feeling 100%. That makes for a safe, smart, and still breathing pilot.

  2. Bill Williams

    Thanks, Matt. Ya…hope you didn’t mind the shout out.

    Ya…just didn’t feel quite on top of my game that day…but was still having fun. Just didn’t want to push my luck. BUT…since then, I’ve had a couple of great flights…I’ll get them in the next episode…so stay tuned.

  3. RD

    Just listened to “alone again” on my way to work. It was awesome! Again, the in-cockpit audio was great. I liked how you did a go-around on one of your landings. You didnt try to force anything. You said you were a little fast and a little high so you remained calm and simply went around for another try. You didnt panic and sounded calm on the radio. Great work! Im looking forward to listening to #8 later today. thanks!

  4. Bill Williams

    Well…I may not have “appeared” to panic….but… 🙂 Actually, I always feel like I have an “out” if a landing isn’t materializing like I would like (unless the engine is out…but that hasn’t actually happened yet…knock on wood). There’s always next time around, right?

    I appreciate the feedback, too. I’m trying to keep those episodes coming! Thanks for listening.

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