SPC #001-The First Flight

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Here it is…the first real episode…you know, with planes involved.  Listen to a bit of our first flight, some funny stuff from my friend, Trent, and more.

As promised in the audio, here are the links to another show from the student’s perspective, the Student Pilot Flight PodLog by Will Hawkins.  And here is his latest efforts, since becoming a pilot, the Pilot’s Flight PodLog.

Again, music in this episode is from Uncle Seth.

Enjoy…and please leave feedback as comments on this post, or click “contact” above to send me an email.

3 thoughts on “SPC #001-The First Flight

  1. wes craig

    Hey Bill, these episodes are great! Is there any way I can put these episodes on my iphone and listen on my way to work? Keep up the good work.


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