SPC-Video #004-Flight Over Hana

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I’m back with video!  I’ve been sitting on this footage for almost two years now, so I’m very excited to get this one published.  In this episode I take you on a flight with me over Hana, Hawaii on Maui with Armin from Hang Gliding Maui.  Armin is a CFI, and took me for me first microlight ride, and it couldn’t have been in a better setting.

This flight was one of the experiences that finally got me doing something about my dream of learning to fly.  Within 6 months of this, I was preparing to start my own training.  I hope you enjoy it.  As always, I would love to get feedback from you on this.

NOTE: I have encoded this video at a higher quality than I usually do because the content deserves it, and it is a shorter video, so the file size wouldn’t be too massive.  It could, however, prove problematic on some hardware players.  I have tested on iPhone, both classic and new Zune’s, and Xbox 360, and all work great.  I couldn’t get my hands on a regular iPod to test, but I think it should work.  It may not work on older iPods though (pre G5).  In any case, please let me know if you run into any problems so that I can continue to improve my process.

SPC Video #004-Flying Over Hana from Bill Williams on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “SPC-Video #004-Flight Over Hana

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