SPC-Video #003-Reference This…

It’s time for another video episode, episode 3, Reference This.  In this episode, I take a solo practice flight to the practice area to go over Ground Reference Maneuvers. 

I’m including the smaller version again in this feed (320×240) because of the sheer size of the 640×480 versions (400 MB).  I’ve heard from a couple of you commenting that you would rather have the larger version…and I still may consider that, but these files just seem too large for a simple podcast.  The embedded video from Vimeo in this post is pretty high quality, so if you desire a more detailed version, maybe this will suffice.  For those of us who watch video podcasts on a handheld device, the smaller version will suffice.  Again…if I hear from more of you wanting the larger versions of these, I will consider changing this, or adding a High Quality feed for the larger videos.

Thanks for taking the time to watch.  As usual, I’d love to know what you think, so shoot off an email or use the contact page on the website.

SPC-Video #003-Reference This... from Bill Williams on Vimeo.

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