SPC-Video #001-Trent on the Controls

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Here is Trent on his first single engine plane ride…and low and behold, he’s at the controls.  Trent may be a regular on the site going forward.  We’ll see.  Give him some encouragement, folks!

4 thoughts on “SPC-Video #001-Trent on the Controls

  1. Andrew Menard

    Bill, I have been an aviation enthuiasist my whole life, I grew up flying with my dad in his Cardinal 177RG. I have gather a lot of knowledge from my dad, and now i am going to be starting my flight training in 2 weeks. I am currently in the Air Force working in Base Ops, and my love for aviation has since exploded. I discovered your pilot cast through AOPA’s “Flight Training” Magazine and I can tell this is going to be a lot of help, Thanks and happy flying!

  2. Bill Williams

    That’s great to hear! Congratulations on starting your training…and more importantly, thanks for you service in the military. I should be posting a new video tonight…so I hope you enjoy that.


    Awesome site. I started my training for VFR last week, just have 5 hours in my log book. Looking forward to fly around safely soon. I searched on the web for Ground reference manouvers since I couldn’t find them in my Jeppesen book. I was astonished when I found this, with video included. My training on this topic will be starting on monday so, with this, now I know what Ground reference manouvers mean.

    Thanks and tty soon.

    Juan Alcocer

  4. Bill Williams

    Jaun…fantastic. Congrats on starting your training. Where are you flying?

    I’m glad I could help with your understanding of GRMs. Remember, though, if you ever have questions about your flying or a manuever, just ask your CFI. He/She will be more than willing to get you all edumacated. 🙂

    Good luck in your training, and hang in there. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming…just stick with it and have fun!


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