SPC #40 – Long Solo Cross Country, Part II (The Two Hander) [Updated]

Look! Less than a week and another episode!  This is my return flight on my long solo cross country flight from Prescott (KPRC) to Chandler (KCHD) via Wickenburg (E25).  I transition a bit of the southern portion of the PHX Class B airspace as well.

This was a great flight.  I made a few mistakes that were good learning experiences, but most of all I was happy to be back in the cockpit alone to enjoy some real flying.  I got to fly in both busy airspace as well as pretty remote, uncrowded airspace.

For the first leg of this flight, see Episode #39 of the podcast.

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This is the corrected link to the media file (the original publication had the wrong media file linked).


Close up of the route (TAC)

Sectional 40

Overall route on this leg.

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