SPC #038 – Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

Welcome back, SPC listeners.  I’m glad to be back with you for another experience on my road to becoming a private pilot.  Today you’ll be coming along as I complete my 3rd stage check out of four.  As you know from my previous few episodes, I’d been preparing for this.  As I also have mentioned before, I had spent the previous 4 days training for this stage check, including a makeup solo the morning of this check which you can hear all about in episode 37.  So finally here we are, ready to get passed off to one of the chief pilots to make sure I’m ready to enter the fourth and final stage of my training.

9 thoughts on “SPC #038 – Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

  1. Bailey

    Hi Bill,

    I just discovered your podcast, I’m listening to the May 08 archive so far, love it. I’m looking to start flight school next summer here in Prescott KPRC. Got to get college out of the way first, in the mean time, I volunteer for CAP and read any material that I can get my hands on.

    Thank you putting the effort into making these podcasts. I’m hoping to set up some sort of video camera to review the cockpit by the time I start.

  2. Bill Williams Post author

    Thanks for the comment, Bailey. Good luck in your schooling and your future training. Please keep me posted. I just flew up to KPRC last weekend to visit some friends. Talk to you soon.

  3. Noa

    Hi Bill,

    I just finished listening to your podcast, and I loved it. I’m hoping to start flying maybe next year and your audio is really helpful for me to see what I’ll probably go through. I know you said that recording your lessons where really helpful for you, so I though I might record my flying lesson in the future, maybe not to put online but as a record for myself. What kind of recording device did you use, or would you recommend?

  4. Fenderman

    Hey Bill,

    I just made it through your podcasts, I did my discover flight last week and will have my first lesson this weekend. I appreciate that you were willing to share this experience. Any more podcast episodes on the horizon?

  5. Bill Williams Post author

    By the way…I released another episode…and am planning to release a new one each week. Got #40 already done and will publish soon. So now you’ll hear the finish.

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