SPC #037-Windy Solo Makeup Flight

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This is episode 37 of the Student Pilot Cast. Join me as I take a solo makup flight in some windy conditions the morning of my Stage III Check. In this flight I stay in the pattern and practice performance landings and takeoffs. As the flight went on, the wind kept getting worse and worse to the point that I ended up landing in a crosswind that was close to the max demonstrated crosswind component of the aircraft. Fun stuff. 

Don’t forget to check out Air Freddy’s Learning to Fly Guide. Air Freddy is a very experienced CFI who has writtend a great guide to getting started in the flight training game. I’ve read the book and wished that I would have known about it before I started…so I’m passing it along to you if you’re interested. By using the link I’m providing here the Student Pilot Cast will get the referral credit, so please do use this link. 🙂 

Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy this episode.

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