SPC #035-Stage III Check Prep, Hijacked!

Welcome to episode 35, finally, of the Student Pilot Cast, “Stage III Check Prep, Hijacked”.  I’m Bill Williams, and I’m learning to fly in front of the world. Come join me as I prepare for my Stage III Check with a different instructor.  This has been updated to point to the proper media file.

8 thoughts on “SPC #035-Stage III Check Prep, Hijacked!

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  2. Greg

    Hey Bill, great show and thanks for all the great episodes! 🙂 Just wondered if you meant this to have episode 34 posted. The feed also shows episode 34 streaming under your episode 35 announcement.

    Happy Flying!

  3. Bill Williams Post author

    You’re absolutely right! Thanks for the heads up, Greg. The post has now been fixed. You may have to delete the bad file and redownload it. Again…thank you.

  4. Ted

    GREAT to hear you back! I almost gave up. Been waiting anxiously for the next episode for several months. Glad you’re back Bill!

  5. Peter

    I just “found” this podcast series, and listened to the first 3-4 episodes.
    Having started training for ultralight rudder control certificate, i enjoy this series so far, and hope i can learn something along the way too.
    Greetings from Peter, Norway.

  6. Bill Williams Post author

    Dog…sorry it took so long. 🙁 With my other podcast it’s getting slower, isn’t it. I’ll try to do better…once I get the next one out.

    Peter…congrats on the training…I hope it’s going well. Keep us posted.

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