SPC #034-Solo, Shorts, Softs, and FOD

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Hello again SPC listeners.  Today’s episode takes us on a solo training flight on a very busy day to practice performance landings and takeoffs (shorts and softs).  We have everything from FOD to go-arounds in this episode, so enjoy.

I was nearing the end of stage III in my training, so I was almost in the home stretch.  I also explain in this episode the cramming of flights I had to do over just a few days to finish stage III.  This flight was the first of them.

As mentioned, If you are thinking about learning to fly, check out Air Freddy’s Learning to Fly Guide, an e-book that will answer many of your questions beforehand, and do it in an entertaining way.

Lastly, don’t forget to go check out the newly released (out of beta) myTransponder.  This aviation oriented social networking site is great.  To commemorate the recent full release and the fact that it is now open to anyone to join, I’ve created a group on myTransponder called, “Fans of the Student Pilot Cast.”  Please head over to the site and sign up if you haven’t already, and by all means, join my new group!

Thanks again for listening, and enjoy the episode.  Then, get out and fly!

2 thoughts on “SPC #034-Solo, Shorts, Softs, and FOD

  1. Jeffrey from FlyCRJ.com


    Great stuff! I was just told about your site by Airfreddy and really enjoyed it! You bring reality to what really happens during flight training and what you can expect. And like you say on your “About” page, the great thing is that you can download it and then upload it to your mp3 player so that you can listen to it later. Priceless!

    Good luck with your flight training and keep us informed.

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