SPC #030-Nexair Saratogo NX

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We continue my coverage of EAA Airventure with episode 30.  Today I present an interview with David Fetherston of Nexair Avionics about their new airplane, the Saratoga NX.  The NX is a rebuild from spinner to tail of Piper’s Saratoga, but with all new avionics, speed mods, etc.  It’s a very interesting value in a travelling six-seater mini-van.

Along with the interview, I want to share several pictures with you of their first product of this program, a 1982 fixed gear Saratoga.  Enjoy.

20090802_2611The Saratoga NX 20090802_2587The Rear and Baggage Door
20090802_2588Panel from the Rear Seats 20090802_2586The New Interior
20090802_2577Weight-Saving LED Light 20090802_2591The Panel from the Pilots Door
20090802_2605Avidyne’s R9 PFD


20090802_2603The FMS Display and Keyboard
20090802_2597The Whole Panel 20090802_2602The New Switches

I hope you enjoy the interview, and I want to once again thank the folks at Nexair.  I’m impressed with what they’ve done.  I’d love to hear from you on what you think.

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