SPC #028-Into the Night, Part I

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Hello SPC listeners! Today we will follow my outbound leg of my dual night cross country.  I had to take a couple of weeks off because of extensive travel, including some family vacations.  I’m back now, though, but headed to Oshkosh this week.  This means lots of content coming up hopefully.  For most of it, follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/billwil, and I’ll keep you updated.

In this episode, we did a dual night cross country from KCHD (Chandler) to KAVQ (Marana) which is in north Tucson.


KCHD-KAVQ (around Eloy)

Thanks again for listening, everyone.  I hope to see you at OSH!

2 thoughts on “SPC #028-Into the Night, Part I

  1. Trevor

    I like the flight so far. we did have some crazy stoms in June that would be neat to see.

    I heard you had a lit brain fart when trying to think of the reciprocal runway. I had trouble for the longest time with this. sure, you just “+” or “-” 180 and that works but I’m not that great with quick math. until an old air force pilot said MOST of the runways add-up to the other. ex: 12,30 1+2=3; 22,4 2+2+=4; 23,5 and so on. maybe you have heard this but when I heard it, it was like I had seen the light. Just thought I’d pass it along.

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