SPC #012-Who Said Anything About Short and Soft?

Okay, we’re back to the lessons. As you can see from the title, at this point in my training I have started learning the performance takeoffs and landings sometimes referred to as “Shorts” and “Softs”.  Within 4 day’s time I had three dual lessons on these performance landings and takeoffs.  I also take a moment in this episode to comment on a strategic mistake that I made in this part of my training.  Let this be a lesson for you all!

Enjoy the episode.  Please leave feedback or comments.

4 thoughts on “SPC #012-Who Said Anything About Short and Soft?

  1. Bobby

    I’m a fellow aviation geek hoping to start training in the next few years. (Got a job at Garmin just to be close to the toys. 🙂 Good luck on your training and thanks for taking the time to do this. Great stuff… love your podcast.

  2. Bill Williams

    Cool…hopefully you get a good discount on the toys working at Garmin. Its funny, actually, I get a really good discount with Garmin because of the company that I work for (Garmin is a partner)…but for some reason, it excludes all of the aviation specific stuff. Too bad. 🙁

    Thanks for the feedback; I’m glad you’re enjoying the cast. Keep your eye on the prize…its worth it. I let myself get sidetracked for too many years. Good luck, and keep me posted on your progress.

  3. Fox Cutter

    Hey there, I just found your Podcast via a plug on Pilotcast. It’s nice to see one of this topic. I’ve just started my lessons myself so it’s timely to find your show.

    I had considered doing something like this myself, but glad I didn’t, you’re doing a much better job of it then I would have. Keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward to more shows. I’ll probably end up one of those annoying people who ask a lot of questions as the show goes on, just fair warning.

  4. Bill Williams

    Welcome…Fox. Glad you found the cast. Congrats on starting your lessons, and by all means, ask away.

    As far as doing a podcast on it, or a blog, or video podcast, or whatever…if you have the desire and the time (who does, right?), by all means, do it. The more great content that’s out there, the better…at least that’s how I feel. Just make sure you let me know where and what it is so I can listen/watch/read. 🙂

    Good luck in your training. Tailwinds.

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