SPC #011-Who Would Produce a Podcast, Anyway?

We have a very special episode of the audio cast today.  Yesterday, Jerry O’Sullivan from the Virginia Student Pilot podcast completed his first solo flight!  Well, we had a chance to talk today while it was fresh in his mind, and that’s the cast we have today.

The second big news of the day is that Jerry has finally released episode 5 (he was stuck on episode 4 for a while) of his cast.  He’s got a big backlog of stories, too, so we’re looking for more episodes from him over the coming weeks.  So I’m sure he will relate his first solo flight through his feed when he gets there in his podcast, you get to listen to some of that reflection today, along with other topics as well.

I really enjoyed speaking with Jerry, and I’m sure you all will enjoy this as well.  Thanks, Jerry, for spending this time with all of us.  If you aren’t subscribed to the Virginia Student Pilot podcast, check it out.  You’ll love it.  You can do so through iTunes…but if you don’t use iTunes, here is the proper feed to use:  RSS for VA Student Pilot feed.


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