SPC #008-Movin’ on Up

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Here is Episode 8 of the Student Pilot Cast, “Movin’ on Up”.  Join me as I document a dual flight I had where we worked on partial panel instrument flying, ground reference maneuvers, and crosswind landing.  I’ve got a lot of good stuff coming up, and I’m going to start releasing more episodes to relieve the burden of documenting many flights in one episode…it starts to get daunting when I’ve got 6 or 7 flights backlogged.  In addition, I’m hoping this makes it easier to listen and follow it as well.  It should give me more opportunities to do other topics rather than just doing flights every time.  But because I’m flying on average three times a week, it’s easy to fall behind.  We’ll see how it goes.

In any case, enjoy episode 8 of the audio cast.  Let me know what you think by contacting me through the contact link above, leaving a comment on this episode, or emailing me at the email address mentioned in the audio cast.

4 thoughts on “SPC #008-Movin’ on Up

  1. Tom

    Great job on the podcast Bill. I found you through the mention on the Pilotcast and I am very glad I did. I enjoyed all the back podcasts and I am looking forward to more.

  2. Bill Williams

    Thanks, Tom. I just released another one…and while I’m going to be gone for a few days…I’ve got a couple more episodes almost completed. I saw the new pilotcast episode (I’m very excited about that…but haven’t listened yet). From your comment above, I guess they gave me a plug…which is much appreciated. I can’t wait to listen. Will has a new episode out as well that I haven’t listened to. Good stuff.

    I really need a podcast page where I can list all of the other aviation podcasts that I’m addicted to in case someone missed one or two. Stay tuned.

  3. Chris Pedroza

    Hi Bill,

    I saw your advertisement in the July edition of Flight Training…good stuff. I am having trouble though listening to the audio from SPC #3 as you sound like a chipmunk?? The first 2 were fine or perhaps it is a setting on my computer??

    Anyways liked what I heard in the first 2 and am exciting to hear more…me I have about 22 hours at Sawyer Aviation and recently stopped due to various reasons. Quite honestly I was not even aware of these types of sites and am happy to hear your enthusiasm as recently I lost it….not because I dont love aviation but the complexity and time committment….I knew it was going to be tought especially on stalls and am moving into some cross country….I have realized that I have to make some personal adjustments at work (me to I have a full-time career) and other things in my life. As a matter of fact my month off to Europe may have done me some good as now I am more energized to complete my certificate…I am meeting with my instructor tomorrow to discuss a road map to my completion hopefully by August…it has been a challenge with FBO’s and instructors!! Bill I hope you adresse some concerns that pilots go through throughout you casts as I can sure use some advice/here your experience as I go through my adventure to completion!! Thank you for providing this and hope to here more once we get your voice back….Thanks!! Chris Pedroza

  4. Bill Williams

    Well…not so much an adverstisement…they just interviewed me and decided to put it in the magazine. Either way…I’m glad you found me. I assume you are a fellow Arizonan as well, since it appears you are training in Scottsdale. My first training flights ever were with Sawyer, but that was way back when they operated out of Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX).

    As for the audio quality in episode 3, I did experiment with lower bitrates to save downlide time for my listeners, and this may be because of that. I’ve settled on 96kbs, and I think the audio sounds okay. Please try some of the episodes after that one, and let me know if there is still a problem. I try to do test listens online and on my MP3 player to make sure weirdness doesn’t exist, but who knows sometimes. Again…let me know if that issue keeps up.

    As for your motivation, I am trying to address any issues that I have experienced…but obviously I can’t put myself in other student’s shoes. I would be happy to talk to others, including you, about different setbacks or other scenarios that might squelch the dream. Contact me directly if you’d like to elaborate, and we can include any helpful information or conclusions in future casts.

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