SPC #006-Look, Ma. No Instructor!

In this episode we catch up in my training through my phase 1 phase check, a change of my CFI, and of course, my first solo.  This is a big episode, and includes an event that I will always remember. I’m including a couple of pictures from the big event that I asked my instructor to take.

This is just seconds before my first ever touchdown as PIC.


This one is on rollout for my full stop/taxi back.  See, I’m alone. 🙂


This is after my three landings back at the ramp.  That’s a happy pilot.


I hope you enjoy the episode.  Thanks for listening, and please give me any feedback by clicking on the “contact” link on the top/right of the homepage.

2 thoughts on “SPC #006-Look, Ma. No Instructor!

  1. RD

    Great episode and congrats on the solo. The in-cockpit audio is really great. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything!

  2. Bill Williams

    Thanks for the kudos on the solo. I’m starting to feel like a real pilot! 🙂 Everyone seems to like the in-cockpit audio, so I’ll definately keep that up. Thanks for listening.

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