SPC #004-Grooving with 6.6 Hours

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In episode 4 we talk about the continuation of training after my vacation, some things my wife and I saw in Seattle.  We also cover recording in cockpit, landings, and where I’m at with training.  I’ve got 6.6 hours now.

I apologize for the long delay of over two weeks, but I was on vacation, and then work had me slammed.  My wife and I went to Seattle, and I wanted to include a couple of pics from that…some of this is discussed in this episode.

First, one of my favorites.  Look at the little guy in front of the brand new 777 before a test flight out of Paine Field.  The scary thing is…compared to what I’m flying, that little plane is big…and in this photo is a good 300 feet or so closer to the camera, so its really even smaller than it looks relative to the jumbo.

Here is the same 777 on its takeoff roll, and lifting off.


Here is a giant freighter being loaded…that was quite a site.


And a nice shot of the Seattle skyline from the water.


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5 thoughts on “SPC #004-Grooving with 6.6 Hours

  1. Grant

    I have jsut started listening to your podcast after hearing about it on an episode of pilotcast. I am very much like you in that I have been interested in aviation for as long as I can remember. I’m always reading books and the FAR-AIM just for fun – I swear I’m not crazy.

    Anyway, I finally have a job that allows me to be able to afford flight training on a more regular basis than once or twice a year, and I am going to begin really soon.

    I love your idea of recording the cockpit audio, and I was wondering what technique you use now. You mentioned in this episode that you have figured out a more robust method of recording that did not involve a microphone or an open port on the intercom. I was jsut wondering exactly what equipment you use and how you set it up. Thanks for this very informative podcast! This is just what I was searching for!

  2. Stuart

    Only comment I have is a production one… The music at the end of the first 5-6 casts is quite loud compared to the talking portions. The cockpit audio is also a little hot. Content wise pretty cool.

    Good luck with the lessons.

  3. Bill Williams

    Stuart…agreed. I got better, and became more aware of these issues (as I got better equipment, experience, etc.) as time went on. These level issues should be gone in the later episodes (after 10 or so) as I learned more about compression, etc. I did NOT go back and re-edit the first ones, though, to fix them, so they are still original…in all their “This is my first podcast ever” glory. 🙂

    Thanks for listening…and for the constructive critisism. If you hear anything out of whack in the later episodes…please let me know. Always wanting to learn how to improve the quality.

    Thanks again. Bill~

  4. Sven Almgren

    There’s always something to learn 😉 And it’s a pleasure listening about your experiences 😉 And yes, there are some differences 😉 But I can go to an FAA office over there with my passport and my Swedish PPL license (once I’ve got it …) and get an American one, just have to find a renter who’s willing to lend me a plane then 😉

  5. Bill Williams

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you’re listening. I’m sure things are quite a bit different over there in northern Europe, but hopefully you’ll still find the rest of the episodes at least interesting and fun, if not useful.

    Good luck in your training, and keep us posted on your progress.


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