SPC #002-Where to Spend your Kids’ College Fund

…or, How to Choose a Flight School or CFI

Okay, on to the second episode.  Its been over ten days since my last episode because I had a snag starting my training.  Because the school I chose was so busy, I had some scheduling issues, but we’ve worked those out, and I have my first lesson tomorrow.  So before I formally start my training, I wanted to do an episode on how I chose my flight school, and what criteria I used.  This is that episode.

I mentioned in episode 002 several of the sources of information that I used to develop my criteria for selecting a school, and some of those are listed here.  First, two podcasts were very influential…and those were the Finer Points, by Jason Miller, and the CFICast, produced by the PilotCast guys (which unfortunately doesn’t seem to work well with at least the latest version of Internet Explorer, but the link directly to the feed is here).  Also, the AOPA forums were helpful as well.

Once again, music in this episode is from Uncle Seth.

Enjoy…and please leave feedback as comments on this episode, or click “contact” above to send me an email.

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