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I just wanted to give a quick update on something kind of cool.  A month or so ago, someone from Flight Training magazine contacted me to ask questions about the Student Pilot Cast, my motivations, etc.  Low and behold, it showed up in the magazine in July!  Page 14 if you want to check it out.

I also want to publicly set the record straight with a couple of errors and omissions in the article.  First, while I was explaining some of my motivations, I mentioned some of the other aviation podcasts that I had been listening to that provided inspiration (as well as knowledge and entertainment) to me.  Happily, they made it into the magazine.  Sadly, they omitted two of the ones I mentioned, and they misspelled Will Hawkins’ name.  So, I wanted to “set the record straight” right here, and list the podcasts that I had mentioned in my original statement, along with links to them in case some of you are not listening to them as well.

  • The Finer Points – Jason Miller does an absolutely fantastic job of teaching small lessons about flying (he is a CFI, and from what I hear, one I would like to fly with someday).
  • Uncontrolled Airspace – Jack, Dave, and Jeb (and guests) do a great job producing a weekly “hangar flying show” where they discuss everything from news to 60 year old “off field landing”.  Good stuff.
  • The Pilot Cast – The original “hangar flying show” with Pilot Mike, Pilot Kent, and Pilot Dan.  This was the first podcast I found and started listening to about aviation.  These guys are entertaining.
  • The Pilot Flight Pod Log and the Student Pilot Flight Pod Log by Will Hawkins – Very good down to earth stuff.  Will’s student blog, which is done because he is Pilot Will now, I found just before starting mine…and was verification to me that people would want content like this (because I loved listening to his).  Will really hangs it all out there.  His new cast (listed first) is a hangar flying show where every show he has a new guest to talk about flying adventures.
  • Airspeed – by Stephen Force (A.K.A. Steve Tupper) does a very cool, radio-like podcast about everything aviation, from flying in an open cockpit to getting a DC-3 type rating to the Blue Angels, and all the way to the “steely-eyed missile men” of the astronaut program.  Always interesting and heartfelt.

In the Flight Training magazine blurb, Airspeed and The Pilot Cast were left out, and they referenced Will Hawkins as Willis, so I just wanted to publicly, in the forum that I have editorial control over, set the record straight.  If you’re not listening to these other casts, by all means, start.  There are some new great ones out there now, too, including The Student Pilot Journal, and VA Student Pilot.  Please leave comments on this post if any of you know of other good ones that you want to share with everyone.

Thanks again for listening.  I’ll try to get another episode out in the next day or two.

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